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Our Values

QuadX is filled with young, dynamic, fun, and extremely talented people with an incredible thirst to shake things up and make innovative experiences.

Amidst the tremendous business growth we’ve been getting, we are determined to stay Humble and Kind, to continuously push one another and ourselves to Think Big while having Fun rolling out innovative products and services in the market

And if that’s not enough, we also offer the following Benefits:



You don’t have to be crazy to work here, we’ll train you. So that leaves physical and dental health, and we’ve got that covered, too! QuadX provides all employees and qualified dependents with comprehensive medical care services including pre-existing conditions.



Okay, so we’re mostly comprised of young, dynamic people. But we can all benefit from having a little something to look forward to, right? So while our young folks are busy having fun, we watch out for their long-term security by saving up for their future. On top of the standard performance bonus, we also provide a retirement plan for our employees.



We don’t believe in compromises. We expect that just as dedicated our employees are to the work we do, they are also nurturing loving, healthy, family relationships. The company values family and supports family-friendly benefits. We understand that there will be times when they are needed at home and so we are open to Work From Home arrangements. We also have flexible work hours. Oh, and because this section is about Family and Parenting, of course we give paid Maternity and Paternity Leaves.



QuadX fosters a dynamic environment – we never stop moving, improving, growing, learning. We provide training opportunities to help our employees better their craft via Job Trainings and Internship Programs. And every 3 years, we allow eligible employees to enroll in any personal learning course of their choice.



Fun is in our DNA. So we encourage folks to take some time off to decompress and chill. To explore and experience life, to renew and reinvigorate. So we persuade our employees to take their leaves, and we can get pretty creative with them: others offer Vacation and Sick Leaves. Well, we do too, but we also have Paid Time Off that you can use whenever you feel you need a breather; Paid Holidays to explore the world outside the four corners of our office; Volunteer Time Off because giving back is always a good thing and we like good things.



What, there’s more?! Get outta here! But seriously, we have these little things just because.

We know traffic can get crazy, so every afternoon before we shut down for home, we bring out snacks that employees can take with them and munch in traffic. We also serve Free Lunch once a month during our All Hands where we not only share our victories and spread the happiness, we also give moral support to help people through setbacks. Because that’s what families do.

On top of that, we also have Personal Laptop Use Cash Allowance, a Zero Interest Laptop Loan Facility, Free Grab Rides and of course, Employee Discount when you use our Products and Services.

And the best benefit of working with us? Well, there are no jerks here simply because we like getting along.

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